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22 October 2012 @ 03:21 pm
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    • Do you take requests? Requests can be sent via our live chat on Tumblr or our ask box.

    • Can I donate screencaps? You can, please contact us via our Ask Box and we will request and provide more information.

    • Can I donate money? You can donate below. All donations goes towards the monthly cost of our server and is greatly appreciated.


    The Night Shift 4.07 Keep the Faith
     ↳ 2,945 720p logofree screencaps Gallery


    Younger 4.07 Fever Pitch
    ↳ 1,665 720p logofree screencaps Gallery

    Legend of The Seeker 2.21 Unbroken
    ↳ 3,230 720p HD logofree screencaps Gallery

    Legend of The Seeker 2.22 Tears
    ↳ 3,271 720p HD logofree screencaps Gallery


    Younger 4.06 A Close Shave
    ↳ 1,796 720p logofree screencaps Gallery

    Younger 4.05 The Gift of Maggie
    ↳ 1,915 720p logofree screencaps Gallery

    Younger 4.04 In the Pink
    ↳ 1,905 720p logofree screencaps Gallery
    07 August 2017 @ 08:41 pm
    Hello, I’m Peggy, one of the SCNET staff members.

    Like many of you I don’t want to see the galleries on the site closing. I feel helpless because even if I donate or if all of the staff members donate we won’t be able to reach the monthly costs to keep the galleries up.

    The fees to run such a site are around $1,000 per month … that means $1 for 1,000 visitors and we reach that number of visitors in less than a day. So I’m calling out to all of you, visitors, those who have followed us for a long time. If you could all spare $1 per month to keep the site up and running, we will be grateful and we all will enjoying capping again without the financial pressures.
    I’m also calling out to all the zip downloaders out there: we are making zips available again for all the TV shows and movies, but please don’t spam download. That’s what caused us to lose our last file host.

    I’ve always enjoyed capping, but as of lately it was more like something I couldn’t enjoy, because of all the troubles with running the site (updates, money, personal issues).

    For a little story: I’m member of a video site where I host some of my videos. Each year I get a mail:

    “Our site runs on an annual subscription with the support of Vidders & Viewers like yourself. Our last drive paid for Sept 5, 2016 to Sept 5, 2017 year. We need some gas money for the road ahead. Our suggested donation is $12 which amounts to one dollar a month but you can give whatever you want (more or less). “

    When I get it … I’ll donate, because it host vids I like, and mine. So if you are such a person and SCNET helps you please donate! :D

    Thanks in Advance,

    Screencapped.net Galleries open until 30 August 2017

    Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contact us. Your kind words have inspired us and we have worked together to find the funds to keep the server online for another month. We hope you enjoy browsing, more updates to come

    26 July 2017 @ 04:06 pm

    Screencapped.net Galleries Closing

    We are really sad to say that Screencapped.net will be closing all of our TV and Movie Galleries over the coming days. As most of you know, the past year has been quite hectic for me and my financial situation has changed drastically. While we’ve taken a few donations in the past to help with the costs of running Screencapped.net, we’ve always wanted to pay for the site as much as possible by ourselves. Unfortunately this just isn’t an option anymore.

    We’ve had an amazing run, opening June 2012 with only a handful of staff members and slowly growing bigger and better each year. We’ve had many different staff through out the five years, each dedicating their personal time to provide screencaps of various movies and tv shows for our visitors. We’ve also received the most amazing support and kind words from the community and we are extremely grateful.

    What’s next?

    While the galleries are closing, we will be continuing to provide zip downloads of screencaps for movies and TV shows, both new and old. More information on this will be available over the next few days so be sure to follow us on Tumblr, Twitter and LiveJournal for our next update. The galleries will officially close as of 31 August 2017 (updated: 27/07/2017) so please feel free to browse them until then.

    We thank you again for your support through out the years and hope everyone is having a wonderful week

    - Raina and the team at Screencapped.net